Second Shooting

Hi, There! My name is Viviana Podhaiski, owner of Viviana Podhaiski Photography and a weightlifting photography company called Everyday Lifters. Second shooting has given me so much and more. Being a second shooter for other photographers has expanded my horizons and I’ve learned so much from each one I’ve helped with.

Things I am mindful when I second shoot for you…

Be sure to communicate with the lead photographer on what you are allowed to do with your images after the wedding – if you can blog, post on social media, or use in your online galleries. As a general rule, though, don’t post anything before the lead photographer does! That’s just rude.

Don’t advertise for yourself. If anyone comes up to you throughout the wedding day, always give proper credit to the lead photographer! Hand out their business card, NOT yours (both literally and figuratively).

So even if you’re a well-established photographer, and even if you’re not struggling to meet your wedding goals for the year, I’d challenge anyone to second shoot for someone else at least once or twice a year! It can be a great learning experience and help you step into your next wedding that much more confident!