My camera and I will invite you in and wrap you in a big hug and it will tell you it’s more than okay to have a great time.

My work won’t feel like you’ve seen it before and it doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. My work is built on human connection. Hi! Welcome and come with me.

For your creative heart

We create and the images together. During the planning stages we sit down and discuss what you envision when it comes to your wedding photos. Perhaps documenting the day is what you prefer, or more black and white is a must have! Labels aren’t my thing- but if I had to describe my work it’s contemporary, vibrant, but still with an appreciation for timeless composition. The images are created uniquely to who you are and what you’d like to experience when being photographed.


Black and White Photography

Sometimes some images look stunning in black and white and giving it color would steal its magic away. When I see a scene that I know would look amazing as a black and white- I shoot it with that in mind. You will receive both the color and black and white images for your choosing.


Life in color

Playful, vibrant colors is something I highlight in my work. If color is your thing- let’s play!