Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists

Photography Project 1: To create images inspired by poetry and music lyrics.

That was the original idea when I first shared it with Carla, Owner of Carla Genova Makeup. I met Carla after sharing my idea in a FB group we both happen to be a part of! She was totally down for the collaboration.

Before I knew it, we added a hairstylist,(Sara Julianna Beauty), and quickly found two models to volunteer! I thought, “Wow- we are set. Now to take the photos.”

The day came to shoot the first model. Carla and Sara set up their station in my studio and immediately got to work. They were in synch, upbeat and made the models feel so at ease. What happened next surprised me.

I found myself documenting the behind the scene of what happens when hair and make-up is involved in a shoot. I asked lots of questions, I watched how they interacted with their subject and became super intrigued by the process. Before my eyes the project had changed. That’s when I decided to create a photo essay highlighting their creative work and positive effects make-up and hair had on the models.

I feel like the face and hair are sacred. In some countries it’s so disrespectful to touch a stranger’s hair! I can see why women get a littler nervous in having someone all up in their space- no filter to hide whatever the woman is self conscious about.

The two women who volunteered their time to be photographed I know pretty well and they aren’t professional models. Their names are Diny and Liz and they were beyond impressed by Carla and Sara because they felt so comfortable with allowing them in their space. They truly felt they were being taken care of.

When it came time for the shoot, Diny and Liz looked and felt ready! Normally when a person is photographed in an intimate manner, such as portraits, it takes a little time for them to open up in front of the camera. But that wasn’t the case here. Diny and Liz were ready to have some fun. Perhaps getting their hair and make-up professionally done helped them feel prepared for the shoot. Either way, everything photographed beautifully.


Pictured Left: Owner of Sara Juliana Beauty  Pictured Right: Owner of Carla Genova Makeup

Pictured Left: Owner of Sara Juliana Beauty

Pictured Right: Owner of Carla Genova Makeup

If you create, I heart you. Your work is valuable to the world, so thank you! Since this project was suppose to be inspired by poetry, I found one that best matched the work that was done to help create these images. Here is to all who create..

I am an artist.

My definition of art is creating
something with my hands that is an
expression of who I am.

Art is a part of me.
I can't escape the urge to create,
to get out my feelings in the way
of paper and glue. Or losing myself
behind the lens of my camera.
I am so thankful for my art.

It's my own personal therapy.
And in the process I am leaving my mark
in the works I create.

I am an artist.

And there is nothing else in the world
I would rather be.


To continue to following the work of Carla and Sara, please check them out on Instagram: @carlagenova.mua & @sarajuliannabeauty .

Stay tuned for more local Artists!