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“My biggest piece of advice for my brides is to be comfortable! I always tell my brides to look at styles similar to how they wear their hair everyday. As an example, if you never wear your hair up, wearing it in a high bun might be too drastic of a change for wedding day. I like to help my brides find options that make them feel glamorous, while still feeling like themselves.”

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Updates for Viviana Podhaiski Photography- 2019

I’ve opened up my calendar for more weddings, and family portraits. Which means having to turn down a few weightlifting competitions to make room. It was a tough decision to make and many fans of Everyday Lifters are a little bummed I won’t be able to go to all events this year. 2019 World Championships in Thailand is for sure happening and perhaps one more out of the country competition. Youth Nationals is a must, I would never miss it!

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