K. + D., Pennsylvania Wedding, Stroundmoor Country Inn

There is a lot of catching up to do and I wasn’t even sure where to begin since I have several sessions I need to share with you guys. The last few months has been amazing in terms of creating, meeting people and photography. I’ve met new faces, heard stories, laughed and photographed most of it.

Last post was in July and it’s now September. What have I been up to? Organizing my desk drawer I think… haha. I feel like I am forever organizing my desk. I actually got back from Germany last week and it was even better the second time around. I was there for a competition called the Cup of Blue Swords which is held in Meissen every year. Did you know that Meissen to the most spectacular porcelain in the world? I will be sharing more about this trip in another post.

Today I’d like to highlight one of my amazing couples…. D & K.

I met D + K years ago when they needed some photos taken of their CrossFit classes. They hired me as Everyday Lifters. Little did I know 1. they would get married 2. that I would end up being their wedding photographer. So when they reached out about covering their wedding day I was beyond excited to be there for them!

D + K got married and danced the night away at Stroudsmoor Country Inn. A really unique location where everything needed for their wedding day is provided in one place. K’s hair was about a 5 min walk from her suite and so was the ceremony and reception area.

They stayed the night before and had their rehearsal dinner near by. No limos were needed and all who were in the wedding party were in one place. I have to say this really relieved a lot of the extra stress from having to move from one location to another. I was pleasantly surprised how easy the day went and because of this, we were able to get through a big family shot list. Below is a silly face picture they promised their nephews. Aren’t they all the absolute cutest!!!! I know- so cute.


D + K started their day with reading a little love note they left for each other and then it was right into getting ready. Since a second shooter was present, Liz Mastrocola, whoo-hoo for Liz… she was able to help out so I could grab photos of both the gentlemen and ladies getting ready.


Then it is was on to first look. First look, normally happens a few hours before the ceremony. The bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day. It is pre-arranged with their wedding photographer and in a private place away from family and friends.

At the Stroudmoor Country Inn there are designated areas where photographers can photograph couples. This spot is called Smile Spot 5. :)

At the Stroudmoor Country Inn there are designated areas where photographers can photograph couples. This spot is called Smile Spot 5. :)

After first look, we took our time for their photos.

The day was truly perfect. The weather, the people… just everything.

After the ceremony, D + K had a receiving line and it was really sweet to see how many people were waiting to hug them both. Lots of crying and great big hugs. D + K were surrounded by so much love.

The evening was filled with dancing. LOTS of dancing and their wedding guests did not disappoint. Below is the father of bride getting down to some Michael Jackson- ha!


Of all the moments captured during the reception- there were two moments where I broke down and cried. Why? I’m not just a wedding photographer. I’m right there with my couples- every step of the way because I care for them dearly.

D’s father passed away just a few months ago. D. saw his sister and mother dancing and he joined in and embraced them. Oh my heart guys- family is everything. And honestly, the butterfly who came by to visit the guests earlier in the day was for sure a sign that Mr. Gallagher was sending his best wishes and love to the couple.


Also, the bride’s father sang to her. He sang butterfly kisses. Earlier that morning he told me he was worried about crying while singing. He actually started to tear up when telling me how special it was for him to do this for his daughter. Cried.. cried.. cried.. haha Once again I was reminded that I really need to start wearing waterproof mascara.


Bride and Groom Portraits

I can’t leave without showing off these two beautiful people. Wow-wow-wow- what a gorgeous couple!


Thank you D + K for… you. My husband and I wish you all the very best. Yes, he saw all the photos and congratulated you from home. ha! Love you guys! Adios for now friends…


Next Story: Mr. and Mrs. Trent (stay tuned)

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