Best Location for Your Photo Session

Choosing a location for your photo session can be as stressful as choosing the outfit to wear.

But does it have to be?


Say hello to Emily! Emily, (the model-bride/friend), joined me and makeup artist Cait Bozzone for this styled shoot. If you’re curious about the details, hair style and color by: Jessica Bella Donna, dress from Rent the Runway, and shoes from Stuart Weitzman. Good luck finding the shoes since Emily is wearing mine from when I got married 11 years ago. ha!

Emily got ready at my house and then off we went to take pictures in the town of Hopewell Junction, located in Hudson Valley, New York. If you are familiar with Hopewell Junction, can you guess where these photos were taken? We used 2 locations.


Any luck? Here are a few more photos to help you!


“But Viv, I’d like the Brooklyn Bridge to be the backdrop for my photos!” Let’s be real- of course there are certain locations that really can’t replicated. Recently I did a sweet sixteen portrait session at Grey Towers National Historic Site and there is no other place like it. Unity Plaza in Hopewell Junction didn’t have anything like this in their parking lot.


The point is, things happen during a shoot that can cause for a location to be changed. Perhaps rain, or location closes earlier. Maybe you’re stuck in terrible traffic and you couldn’t make it to your location on time? Trust your photographer, and know that with the right lens and a creative eye- s/he can make most locations work! Just bring your smile and breathe.

The best location for your shoot could be in your very own backyard. I mean literally! These photos below were taken in my backyard.

Special thanks to Emily, Cait, and Jessica for this fun shoot!

Answer: locations were East Fishkill Recreation and Dunkin Donuts parking lot in Unity Plaza.

Have a location in mind of where I could go to next? Comment below!