Advice from Hair Stylist and Make-Up Artist, w/

Carla Genova, Riley from Riley Does Hair and Brittney weiss.

Winter is here and wedding season is in hibernation. I took this time to work on smaller portrait projects or styled shoots with makeup artists and hair stylists that provide incredible service for brides in the Hudson Valley area. I LOVE, LOVE to see the work created by people who work in the industry of hair and makeup.

Portrait and styled shoots allow me more time to observe makeup artists and hair stylists at work! I wanted to highlight a few here in this quick post! They have some advice for all you brides to be! Take a moment to read what they have to say and to follow more of their gorgeous work, give them a follow on Instagram!

To see their posts, try hitting that refresh button if it doesn’t come up right away.

Enjoy! -Viv

Carla Genova, Instagram

I think my most important advice to future brides would be to be YOURSELF. Especially with makeup. I think the worst thing I see is a bride in heavy makeup on her big day who normally wears no makeup at all. You become unrecognizable and you don’t feel like the best version of yourself. Always hire a makeup artist and a hair stylist who is willing to listen to you, trial with you, and allow you to be yourself. Don’t be afraid to say you do not like something! You’re spending a lot of money on memories that will be charished for the rest of your life. Invest is someone that invests in you.

Riley of Riley Does Hair, Instagram

I would say when finding the artist to hire for your wedding date, make sure to do your research to find someone whose style is compatible to yours. Not everyone wants the same thing, and there are different artists with different talents.

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Brittney Weiss, Instagram

“My biggest piece of advice for my brides is to be comfortable! I always tell my brides to look at styles similar to how they wear their hair everyday. As an example, if you never wear your hair up, wearing it in a high bun might be too drastic of a change for wedding day. I like to help my brides find options that make them feel glamorous, while still feeling like themselves.”