Chicken Sausage and Sweet Potato Lunch

Chicken Sausage and Sweet Potato Lunch

Probably not the title you’d expect on a wedding photographer’s website- ha! I decided 10 mins ago I’d like to share more beyond Instagram stories where my followers know all about my dog Kanzi and how my kids are the funniest little ones you’ll ever meet. Here I am- sharing, talking with you about everything and anything.

Why? Because how else will we get to know each other my friend! Ha!

Currently I’m eating chicken sausage and sweet potato pieces and I would love to say that I am this brilliant cook that plans all my meal a week in advance. I’m not that fancy guys- well, not yet. I went food shopping and lately have been buying pre made meals because a chocolate bar for lunch is just really not a good time- ya know? My brain gets grumpy when it’s not nourished with nutritional foods. :)

What Are Your Weekend Plans?

What are your plans? Laundry? Shopping? Netflix lazy day? All the above? ha!

As for me? You guessed it- photography fun! and I really mean that. No sarcasm in that sentence. I love my job. Tomorrow I will be a second shooter for another photographer. Second shooter Viv? That sounds sketchy? haha.. isn’t that a strange label? “Second Shooter”- Second shooter is another photographer who helps the main photographer. That’s the short answer. I too have had my own second shooter and it’s lovely to have and actually considering making it a permanent part of my packages.

Saturday and Sunday are full days of Bat Mitzvah celebrations! Woo-Hoo!! Both the ceremony and party will be held at the Bedford Historical Society. Stay tuned for those images. A really unique layout of space and excited to shoot there. Ironically, I will have a second shooter with me. ha!

Have a great weekend and head on over to Instagram land to see all my adventures with people watching!