The Cross Eyed Fox

Your event begins with when your guests receive your invitation. For many, that means that almost 6 months prior to the big day- they have a little of piece of you guys with them! Every choice you make from the type of font, color and paper, will help your guests better understand what to expect for your big day!

The Cross Eyed Fox sent me several gorgeous sample invitations for me to photograph. (You’re the best Lauren!!) Photographing invitations was something I wanted to spend some time experimenting with and thankfully I came across Lauren who was super helpful in supplying some samples.

Let us start with details. I took my time appreciating every single ribbon and laser cut design.

Invitation Details


Styling Invitations

There are countless tutorials for photographers pertaining to photographing invitations. When Chris and I married 11 years ago, my photographer didn’t photograph our wedding invitation. But I don’t think that was common practice back then. I almost wish that he had because in the early stages of planning, our wedding invitation suite was how we introduced our day to our guests. Later on we would find out that many kept our invitation as memento.

Photographing wedding invitations and bespoke invitation suites can be a little tricky at first. This is something that should be practiced during styled shoots or in the comfort your own home. :) My office was off limits for almost a month and my dog hated me. ha!


Btw: this was harder than it looked. You almost need to be familiar with the basic principles of graphic design. It’s all about balancing the items with props and creating depth, so the invitations don’t end up flat in an image.


Hope you enjoyed the beautiful art provided by Lauren from The Cross Eyed Fox. This was a lot of fun to do and I had the chance to try out some new ideas that I wouldn’t be able to do otherwise at a wedding.

Adios for now friends!