Saugerties Lighthouse and Alleyway Ice Cream Engagement Photos

“How do feel about visiting a light house and having ice cream as part of your engagement session?”

“You had us at ice cream.”

Who doesn’t like ice cream? Actually don't answer that. It may hurt my feelings if you say no. Unforntaley I have an allergy to milk protein and I think I get excited in watching others eat ice cream. ha! Totally weird, but do you blame me? Although, lately almond and coconut ice cream can keep up with the rest of the gang.

Sam and Kerry planned to have their engagement session at the Saugerties Lighthouse and I knew for sure we had to make a stop at Alleyway Ice Cream. Alleyway Ice Cream is located on 135 PARTITION ST. and you can almost miss it because well, it’s down an “alley.” These hanging lights were everything!

Sam and Kerry Enagement_-6.jpg

Now, let’s discuss this neat, textured wall!

Sam and Kerry Enagement_-5.jpg

This mysterious space is an Airbnb that you, right now, can stay at. So, cool, right?

Sam and Kerry Enagement_-26.jpg

Now to the real reason why we made a stop at Alleyway Ice Cream. The bride to be mentioned how awkward they tend to feel when being photographed. Creating a relaxed experience surpasses everything on my list of must haves for a session. Since they seemed especially excited over ice cream I knew this would be a great way to get them relaxed and laughing before we made our way to the main location. It was a way of breaking the “ice”- cream. ha!

The Saugerties Lighthouse

Now if you decide to have your photos taken here- please check for high tide. Otherwise good luck trying to make it to the lighthouse. Also, it’s free to go and no charge to photographers or couples to use. However, consider making a donation. Lastly, try to go on a cooler day. We really lucked out with the weather because I imagine fighting off mosquitos is a real struggle.

Allow yourself extra time when you visit. Why? Birds, nature, Harry Potter looking trees- you’re going to want to stop and look at everything.

Sam and Kerry Enagement_-22.jpg

Low tide equals epic scenery. I love these two.

Sam and Kerry Enagement_-13.jpg

When we arrived we found that someone was staying at the lighthouse. I learned later on you can stay here! Guys, it’s a bed and breakfast! You can stay at this beautiful lighthouse. Is this even real?

Sam and Kerry Enagement_-14.jpg
Sam and Kerry Enagement_-17.jpg

Also keep in mind that it’s a 7-10 minute walk to the lighthouse. Wear shoes that you don’t mind getting a little muddy and bring bug spray if you go on a warmer day.

Sam and Kerry Enagement_-24.jpg

All in all, we had a great time exploring and getting to know each other. It’s one of the reasons I suggest engagement sessions. Sam and Kerry are getting married next year and I am beyond thrilled to be there for them. But most importantly, they will be less timid about being photographed. They can focus their energy on enjoying their wedding day. Let the count day begin!

A Special Thank You

Sam and Kerry Enagement_-25.jpg

A special thank you to Julian, the owner of Alleyway Ice Cream, for allowing us to use this space for some photos. If ever in Saugerties, please make sure to stop by to see Julian and his delicious ice cream.

Ciao for now friends.

-viv, laugh, love-