Rainey’s Closet

Children’s portraits


Photo sessions that involve children can make some photographers run for the hills, ha! Children are unpredictable and honestly, when photographing them, you are on their schedule. Perhaps the combination of my background in education and being a mother myself, photographing children is something I look forward to. I love their rebellious personalities how just being themselves in front of the camera is all they know how to do!

Often the biggest stress for parents when booking a session is, “What should my child wear?”. This is concern is more common for a holiday or a birthday shoot. I recently came across Rainey’s Closet, a company from where you can rent children’s clothes. Hallelujah!! Not only a breeze for parents, but also for photographers who may not own outfits for a shoot.

I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to order 2 outfits and there was even an option for them to match up accessories to the dresses! Let’s take a look. Below are the items I ordered:

Everything arrived in a garment bag and the clothes were protected in a plastic bag. *Important, keep all packaging, bags and the zip tie pictured above. You will need all of it to ship the items back.

Immediately when upon opening up the plastic bag I needed to smell the clothes. lol Don’t judge me. I wanted to be sure they were cleaned. 100% the clothes passed the smell test! Smelled like dry cleaning and neutral air if that were a scent.


Tutu du Monde Dahlia Shrug in Milk

Tutu du Monde Dahlia Shrug in Milk


I did order 1 accessory package for the red dress and a hair accessory piece. I feel indifferent about the extra I paid for the items above. Not sure if it was worth the extra cost of $25. However, I did love the Tutu du Monde Dahlia Shrug!

How did the dresses hold up?


I was so pleased by the outcome of how the dress photographed and the fit was on point! The color was vibrant and the pattern of this particular dress is so detailed. I wasn’t a fan of the hanging pearls, but that’s just a matter of preference for me.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to photograph the Dollcake It Caught My Heart Frock dress. I was actually looking forward to photographing this one since it’s a simple piece. The dress came in wrinkled because of the packaging and I don’t own a garment steamer. This is not Rainey’s Closet’s fault, it’s just something I should have prepared for and now I know for next time!

I would most definitely rent from them again! They do carry items for boys and maternity outfits expecting mamas! I will be ordering another outfit for a shoot for a younger child. Stay tuned for the images!

All in all, I was happy with the rental and the easy process of shipping was a plus. If you rent something from Rainey’s Closet, please share your thoughts!

Adios for now amigos!