Updates for Viviana Podhaiski Photography- 2019


It feels like a million days since I’ve shared a thought or two on here. I’ve been busy interviewing weightlifters, recovering from all the traveling and now finally able to get started on some projects. One of them being this blog space.

It’s January 12th and I don’t think it’s too late for a 2019 update, right? What’s new for Viviana Podhaiski Photography? Hudson Valley weddings, engagement photos, family sessions and mentoring courses! In addition to all the photography up ahead, I’ve started a photography project involving the town of East Fishkill. Let’s dive in!

50 Faces of East Fishkill, New York

As the person who runs Everyday Lifters, I live for projects that involve getting to know weightlifters and athletes in general. I wondered if I could do something similar with the space that I have here as Viviana Podhaiski Photography. (That’s a mouthful.. say it 10x fast, ha!)

I asked around to see if anyone would be interested in being photographed as part of series of portraits featuring the everyday people in the community of East Fishkill and BAM, people were super excited to participate!

To say that I am excited about this project, is an understatement. At first I did get overwhelmed with all the emails that came in and trying to figure out how to keep track of dates and people. So, I went old school and got two boards, tons of post it notes and organizing these sessions have been easy peasy. I also just started using Calendly, so we will see how much that helps.

Make-Up and Hair Stylists Serving the Hudson Valley

Next on the list, is another project involving hair and makeup artists. I have no idea why, but I’ve become obsessed with the work hair stylists and make-up artists do. I think because a good part of the year I am photographing sweaty athletes, that I never gave much thought about how important hair and makeup is for a photo shoot! Also, I’m not sure if people truly understand that hair and makeup is more than just contouring the face and blowdrying hair. I think this area of the wedding industry fascinates me so much because it is a form of creating.. but on a person. Palettes of eyeshadows, gel, hairspray, setting spray and powders… it’s very much like art. I also love how my studio smells after someone gets done up, ha!

I’ll be interviewing some hair and makeup artists in 2019. #mua To stay up to date, you can read more here.


Hair by: Eden Artistry, Makeup on the Left by Eden Artistry, Make up on the right by Riley .

Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

The website finally got a long needed facelift. I had an immense amount of photos and work I never published. Now they all have a home. Also, the section on services for weddings is up to date and I’m feeling pretty good about the flow of the website. Guys… oh my goodness guys. The most amazing thing happened. Over the last few years I’ve been so lucky to have the same clients for family portraits. Love them all! However, I raised my prices this year and I was worried they would feel betrayed or get upset. (this is the weird stuff that keeps me up at night, just keeping it honest.)

The complete opposite happened…

“I completely understand the price change and will just start saving and budgeting now! Worth every penny!”

This has been the immediate response. Oh my heart. Like seriously, I have the most amazing people in my circle of clients.

amelia-photo shoot-3.jpg

Booking for 2019

For the first time in 3 years I’ve opened up my calendar for more weddings, and family portraits. Which means having to turn down a few weightlifting competitions to make room. It was a tough decision to make and many fans of Everyday Lifters are a little bummed I won’t be able to go to all events this year. 2019 World Championships in Thailand is for sure happening and perhaps one more out of the country competition. Youth Nationals is a must, I would never miss it! Don’t worry mamas, I will be there to photograph your kids!

As far as you guys not in the weightlifting community, let’s keep in touch about your wedding day and upcoming family session ideas.

Talk to you soon!