Photography: The Creative Break Through

Recently I was in Valhalla, New York,  photographing a young woman. I chose the Valhalla train station as the location for the photo shoot. As always, upon arriving to any place, my eyes scanned the area.

Lines, lots of leading lines, dark, smudge, lights, reflection, gray and green, pockets of shadows, bright yellow gum, the gum is fresh.. looks like 2 pieces, washed up toilet paper, uneven stairs, chipping paint, movement, rectangle, gravel, wet ground.....

This what happens to my brain when I am about to start a photo shoot. It makes dizzy.  Almost as if the information is coming in too fast for me to process.  

Once my brain stopped buzzing, I got right to setting up the equipment.  

I started with the speed lights, then soft boxes, and last thing, the camera.  No matter how many times I've done this, the camera always feels heavy in my hands.  But I fight the urge to bitch because I know I'm not in the zone yet.  My muse hadn't taken over.  

Without hesitation, in goes the memory card and SNAP- camera was all set!

At this point leading up to the first picture I take of the person:  I am Viviana Podhaiski... Merrell sandal wearing, hair in a bun, mother of 2, who still has coffee stains on her jeans from the morning.  

Once I hear shutter from my camera-- Click--- I wait for it again and ---Click--- something happened to me.  

This is the beginning of my transformation.  No, I don't turn into Batman, but this where my inspiration takes over, my muse, creative being.. whatever you want to call it.  

I become the skinny dipping, high heel wearing, purple hair woman that loves to dance with creativity. 

Creativity just sits there.. waiting to be seen, waiting to take a spin on the dance floor with any willing creator. If Frida Kahlo and Janis Joplin could create a muse and let it loose on the world... that is what I feel- if you could imagine such a thing.  

After every photo session, I want more.  I want more because my life is dedicated to my craft.  Even on the days when I feel like my muse has gone on vacation, I force myself to continue creating, learning and refuse to be distracted.

This was a good day with my muse and Model.  Who very well could have been the same person on this rainy Sunday afternoon.  


Photos may not be used or reproduced without permission.  Copyright Viviana Podhaiski.