Third Bedroom

The third bedroom door is often kept closed and when opened, it lets an incredible amount of light in the hallway.  Currently the third bedroom is overrun by old clothes and toys.  


The walls are painted yellow and we left the ugly pink fan just in case our third turned out to be a girl.  The carpet is beige and soft.  I imagined the carpet would have been perfect for the different stages of crawling.  I also imagined finding old cheerios in between the carpet fibers for years to come.  

We even bought a king sized bed for our bedroom, so all the kids could comfortably lay down for their bedtime stories.  We placed our old bed near the crib.  Perfect for those late night feedings.  I imagined our third child would be upset for getting a smaller closet compared to his siblings.  


5 years later, the crib still sits there and now filled with random blankets and old coats.  Recently the kids have asked about the third bedroom and why it's not used. They want to turn into a toy room.  Soon my husband will be taking down the crib and the hand me downs for the third child will be packed away.  

Breaking down the crib and transformation of the third bedroom makes me sad, but I am reminded by outsiders that 2 is perfect.  I wouldn't need/want anymore children.  Love how people can offer advice on what makes an ideal family.  How would they know?

We did try for our third, but no luck.  I do recall one month that my body didn't feel well.  I guess I could speculate what happened. 


As we say goodby to the third bedroom, I had to take my camera and capture a few items that remind me of the baby stages my children went through.  Goodbye idea to the third, the third bedroom.  

Hello to new memories and creating a new room with our children.