In no particular order I’m a wedding and weightlifting photographer, mom, and wife. I’m mostly known for my photojournalistic approach to documenting weddings in addition to the images I've created for the sport of weightlifting. I love connecting with people through the work I do, and I live for stories to share with the world! When I am not photographing weddings, I am traveling to places like Germany and Turkmenistan to photograph olympic weightlifting (who even am I?). In between traveling and editing photos, I spend my days with my family and my crazy dog, Kanzi.

Enough about me, I’d love to hear all about you! Let’s meet up for coffee or tea!

Let’s Get Personal

Music: These days I’ve been listening to TOOL and The Highwomen.

Movies/T.V.: I actually don’t watch television but I am the occasional Netflix binge watcher. I never finished Walking Dead, so I’ve been going through the task of finishing up the episodes on Netflix. ha! Stranger Things is also another favorite.

Favorite Color: Blues- all shades.

Coffee or Tea: Coffee all day every day but really wish it was tea.

Dog or Cat: All animals. But I am a fur mom to Kanzi. Kanzi is a recuse dog.


If you’re curious about my weightlifting work: Published Work Related to Weightlifting

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